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It’s a traditional method of Chinese Traditional Medicine which produces therapeutic effect through creation of a negative pressure inside a recipient which sucks the skin and provokes hyperemia and subcutaneous bleeding.


The goal of this therapy is to reestablish the Qi flow (vital energy, immaterial force capable of acting on matter. It can be to rarefied and immaterial as vapor, and so dense and material as rice. It is present in all levels : from the most material to the most etheric).


Session combining application of local heat (Moxa) and/or practice of Qi Gong (movement work on vital energy). 


  Energic action:

  1. Regulates and promotes soft flow of Qi and Blood.

  2. Helps to extract pathogenic factors such as Wind, Cold, Humidity and Heat. 

  3. Opens the skin pores.

  4. It is the best way for mobilizing Qi and Xue.

  5. Treats better the pathogenic factors held on surface (on the level of We Qi). 


  Effect of suction cup therapy:

  • Skin: increases blood circulation and skin temperature, stimulates the cutaneous metabolism, improves functioning of sebaceous and sweat glands, improves cutaneous breathing and tissue nutrition.

  • Muscle: activates blood vessels and facilitates oxygenation of muscles, facilitates lymphatic flow (aiding drainage).

  • Articulation: promotes a better blood flow in the joints, favoring secretion of synovial liquid.

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