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Continuous flow of medicinal liquid (herbal oil, decoction or milk) at a nice warm temperature, placed in a special bronze pot for a certain time on the forehead, between the eyebrows.


The main emphasis of this treatment is on the nutrition of the energy channels by the prana, once it acts on the pineal gland, responsible for several neurological disorders. It is an important treatment in psychosomatic disorders and mental health problems, it also improves concentration and memory, improves vision , tones the hair root, bringing a sense of deep relaxation and tranquility.




  • Relieves mental and emotional stress;

  • Good results with insomnia, anxiety, depression, tremors, hemiplegia, epilepsy, diabetes, ulcers, psoriasis, hypertension, impotence;

  • Included in treatments for panic disorder, fatigue, libido deficiency, irritability, labyrinthitis, phobias and others of neurological origin.

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