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Ayurveda, as a health care system, offers complete self-care manuals for every moment of life, from conception, through childhood, adulthood and old age.

Among the many ways of being a woman, one can see the richness in biological and psychological complexity that these individuals go through.


With its cyclic nature, it is possible to access different forces and possibilities at each phase. Being aware of these phases allows the woman  to have greater autonomy to express herrself and deal with the encounter with self and other.

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Generating a new life expands consciousness like nothing else. Pregnancy brings with it many beauties, mysteries and challenges that can be experienced with greater confidence and clarity if there is affection and professional support.

Therapeutic accompaniment during pregnancy is offered to help pregnant women take care of themselves during this period, from diet, habits, body therapy and meditation.


A support team with doula, midwife, obstetrician and gynecologist is also offered.

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