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“Working with marmas is to make room so the memories and restrictive codes to the vital flow restablish themselves systemically.”


Marma in Sanskrit literally means "secret" and is the anatomical place where muscles, veins, ligaments, bones and joints are located. According to the ancient texts, these are points that are fundamentally found on the surface of the skin, where important nerves coincide with other structures such as muscles, tendons, etc. It is affirmed that they are those places where there is pain, noticeably sensitive and that show an abnormal pulsation. At these points, toxins accumulate, diseases are reflected in the stiffness, swelling in these areas, even before these diseases manifest themselves externally.


Working with the marmas, we can make a diagnosis of these conditions, working either as a preventive work or under emergency cases. They can be seen as vital points for being doors of direct access to prana or vital energy and are internally related to the nadis (energy channels, also called meridians by Chinese medicine). And if they are inflicted harm they can cause serious problems, including death.


The secret power that these energy centers have is that when they are stimulated, they release the flow of prana to restore balance to the organism.In this way, by manipulating these points, we can activate and deactivate painful memories that, hidden in the unconscious mind, cause emotional traumas and disharmonies such as panic syndrome, phobias, anxiety, depression, melancholy and low self-esteem and stress in general.


Marma treatment can be done in specific sessions with clinical and specific goal and/or with body massage done with pressed cold organic oils medicated with essential oils and medicinal herbs specifics to each anatomy and needs.



  • To unblock energy channels blocked by stress;

  • Return the normal function of doshas or humors;

  • Create physical, mental and emotional flexibility;

  • Have the opportunity to experience a powerful and dynamic transformation in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

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