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Jyotisa, in Sanskrit, is the science of Lights, they are the "eyes" of the Vedas, the earliest writings known to man and considered sacred by many cultures, especially in India. Jyotish names Astronomy and Astrology. They are called "eyes" because they help people to see beyond time. 


Reading the astrological chart from the Vedic point of view provides important references for a broader understanding of the purpose of being here now. From inherited family mental and physical patterns to tendencies and gifts, everything is mapped out in the stars. Carl Jung suggested consultations in astrology when he could not clearly identify the lines of a patient's psyche and even today in India psychiatrists have Jyotish as a compulsory discipline, as it provides clues about mental, emotional and spiritual aspects from the understanding of movemen of the planets and stars through the astrological houses. In addition to the solar, lunar, and planetary cycles that everyone experiences throughout their lives, each in their own unique way and feeling their effects, the stars reveal truths of the conscious and unconscious mind in a precise and poetic way.

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