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Detox diet is about a big stimulation to the metabolism for the excretion or for anabolic processes from the strengthening of the digestive capacity. As a consequence of stimulation occurs the elimination of toxins and accumulated fat on the adipose tissues and blood vessels.


What would these toxins be?

Toxin is everything that the system was not able to digest, assimilate or eliminate, accumulating itself in the organism in the way of uric acid and other nitrogenous substances, such as: salts that settle forming stones  or calcification of soft parts as joints and muscles, chemicals substances such as pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, chemicals synthetic additives and heavy metals like lead and carbon monoxide (which are inhaled). Going through a detox diet we find reports that the procedure takes to an operating improvement of the organism and the stimulation of intestine function, diuresis and sweating, besides promoting a better physical and mental mood. After the detox the organism takes on a new impulse and it may occur a mobilization for the healing of chronic illness and metabolic disturbances.


  Goals of a detox treatment:

  • Increase of digestive capacity of food and emotions;

  • Elimination of accumulated toxins in the organism;

  • Beginning of a nutritional habits changing process;

  • Regulation of body weight;

  • Feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally;

  • Perfecting the functioning of digestive system;

  • Reducing arterial pressure and blood cholesterol and triglycerides levels;

  • Stimulation of healing process of chronic diseases;

  • Regulation of intestines and stimulation of metabolism;

  • Improve quality of sleep;

  • Sharpening of senses and activation of mental processes.


7 days - 14 days - 21 days - 40 days planning according to availability and need of each patient.

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