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 I feel extremely grateful in being experiencing this continued exchange with Paula. My life has certainly changed for the better since I began the treatment, many challenges, many reflexions and new approaches of self care came to surface, all to add to my personal well being and self growth. In the beginning, before we began some treatments, I was still skeptical about holistic help in my life and little by little I came to understand how all of that was fundamental to my growth and spiritual expansion. 

 I still feel I’m at the beginning of this whole process and it may last my whole life, but certainly I feel more strong and resilient than before I started the treatment. I’d like that many people could access what I am accessing with her because this surrender relieves me in knowing that I am taking care of my physical and mental health, mainly through nutrition and small daily cares with the body 

G.P, 26

 Ayurveda had knocked on my door almost three years ago when I entered Paula’s clinic for the first time. But it was thanks to her that the door not only opened itself, but the bed was made, mornings changed colours, the kitchen got amazing smells, the body gained new movements and life gave quantum leaps of quality and, mainly, consciousness. During this time I’ve been following the multidimensional unfolding of Paula’s practice and every corner it can reach; the knots that are released go way beyond the physical body, the spots touched translate effects way beyond the massage bed. It is hard to put into words something that permeates every field, but I can see clearly that the more room I make for this knowledge and by these hands, more treasures I find in my everyday experience. I trust Paula not only with my health, but from every friend and family member that ask me for recommendations.

R.N., 28

 Two months ago, I had a beautiful baby girl. I love her so much, but having my first baby was very difficult, physically and emotionally, This is where Paula stepped in. I started Ayurvedic massages with Paula, a massagist and psychologist. In the sessions, I have experienced what I think is the best massage I've ever received.

 She is very professional and treats me with a lot of dedication and love. She touches the exact spots to relieve pain- it's truly amazing. The day and week after the therapy, I felt super calm and physically relieved.

 I'm really thankful to have the opportunity to have access to this wonderful therapy. I sincerely recommend it; it is very likely the best therapy I've ever

F.G., 26

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