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Hindu cone therapy is an ancient non invasive technique of ear clearing. Practiced by many folks, including greek, Egyptians, tibetans and mayans, hindu cone therapy began many centuries ago, being passed from generation to generation; however, because it doesn't  have a known and registered literature it suffered many changes with each passing. 

Consists in burning a wax and gase cone applied in the auditory cavity. The heat generated by the cone, which burns as a candle, added by a generated soft negative pressure will act as a bactericide for the ears and air ways, stimulating the ear clearing and the excess of secretions to lack of hearing, dizziness and migraines, otitis, excess of noise and ringing.

In a subtle level it promotes lucidity, centeredness and realignment of thoughts. It acts in the cerebellum region, place responsible to body balance, cognitive and emotional functions, memory and attention and it maintains balance of senses pacifying inner winds in the head area. 

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