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The external bastis consist of the technique of applying a large amount of oil within a structure made from whole wheat pasta or chickpea flour applied around where the treatment should be done as a "medicated oil pool".


It aims to lubricate and nourish the place to be treated, as well as unlock energy in the points applied. It can relieve back pain, knees, harmonization of digestion, cramps, balance of emotions and problems in vision. Oil kept at warm temperature for a while.


One of the most requested ones is the Hridi basti, that is the basti therapy applied in the cardiac region, on the anahata chakra and hridaya marma acupressure point.  Its is an excellent treatment for heart problems, pain in the region of the sternum and thorax.




  • Increases circulation in the region as the herbal oil absorbs deeply into the skin, and nourishes and strengthens muscles and nerves;

  • Pacify one of Vata's main sites, relieving pain, pain and tension and restoring flexibility by lubricating joints;

  • Relieves chronic back pain and painful muscle spasms, stiffness and degenerative problems;

  • Relief of emotional symptoms that cause chest pain, such as anguish, anxiety, sadness. It promotes the strengthening of the heart and release of contained emotions.

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