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Psychotherapy aids the formulation and organisation of mental content. Free speech allows the person to manifest their perceptions of themselves and the world, turning keys to self knowledge and conscience awaken. Science already recognises that psyche isn’t located only inside our skull, but permeates the whole body. So, a powerful way of accessing conscious and unconscious mind is through the body and its connective channels with the world - the senses.


Ayurveda includes care with mind and body, considering health as an integrative system. “Ayu”, from sanskrit, represents the vital flow that permeates all beings. Blockages to this flow generates disembalances to individual and collective systems. Ayurveda goal is to promote the free circulation of this vital flow through practices and treatments that address conflicts in all aspects of health. And, mainly, it’s about a “manual of well-living” because prioritizes prevention and longevity before the sickening process to establish itself.

Because it originated itself thousands of years ago in India, its effectiveness has been tested through time and understands integral health as an alignment between inner rhythms and nature cycles, coming from a world vision that everything is formed by five elements.

The goal of the work is to offer sensorial repertory through tools from Psychology and Ayurveda so to make it possible to broaden the ways of response to the challenges of everyday life, awakening the creative power - often forgotten and numbed in face of external demands and excess of stimulation.

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