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Essential  oils are the aromatic or volatile constituents found in plants, they are the quintessence of the plants, containing the most active physiological properties.


The nose is considered by Ayurveda a way of direct passage to the brain that in turn is connected to all the organs of the senses. The aroma has a direct effect on the brain.It does not pass through the cognitive mind, it goes straight. The disturbed mind can be "awakened to reality" by the aroma. Only a mind awakened to reality can distinguish right from wrong. The aromas have the ability to unclog the mind, awaken the senses, the fire of the mind is lit, the discernment.

Another important aspect of aromatherapy is the cleansing it gives to a polluted atmosphere, that brings negative energy and polluted air is the cause of many physical and mental illnesses. The essences first cleanses the pollution as it dissipates through the environment. Secondly, it also helps to cleanse the body when we inhale; because by inhaling we stimulate the blood to release toxins. The aroma also affects the mind, stimulating its functions.

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