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The therapeutic process is an aesthetic, imagetic experience. To touch the constructed images in the mind and in the body allows us to access an emotional archeology that routes maps of movements, posture, interaction and inner and outer dialogue. 


Working with consciousness awakening we are working with desire, power, wants; with the pulse of the exchange and its borders. To touch this contours moves the pulse that sustains life.

The experimentation of the Emotional Body makes us face the truth that turns into power and resistance. To be able to notice how each body “goes to the world” gives us important keys to the expansion of self awareness. The body speaks, feels, hears, gathers and expresses each exchange, each idea.


How does this body digest and holds these experiences? 

What does a tense shoulder or a frown forehead can express? 

What does a clenched jaw tells?

The goal of the Emotional Anatomy work is to open the door of the sensorial and psychic autonomy through direct experience, acquired with self growth. Each subject is responsible for this autonomy awakening process, the role of the therapist is to support and encounter of pulsating and surrender.



  • Promotes vitality and rejuvenation, as it moves toxins and opens the circulation channels;

  • It stimulates metabolism, helps nourish the skin and strengthen muscle tone;

  • Improves the functioning of internal organs and optimizes the body's ability to flush and remove toxins; 

  • It calms the nervous system, promoting calmness and mental clarity in the accomplishment of the daily tasks and challenges;

  • Excellent maintenance therapy for integral health.

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